Some stories can be told in a single frame. Some stories rely on a series of photos to create a narrative. Some stories are told in the body of work done throughout a person’s timeline.

A black & white photography class in the art department of a community college was the first place I shot a roll of film, processed it, and made a contact sheet. It was 1970 and I was one of only two women in the class, typical of photography at the time. From the moment I saw my first images emerging in the developer bath, I was hooked. 

I spent two years in that art department studying drawing, printmaking, design, art history. But it was always photography that I was most drawn to. I moved to Chicago to study photography and printmaking at the School of the Art Institute. I spent four years there, earning BFA and MFA degrees, creating pictures, making lifelong friends.

Art degrees in hand, a school mate and I opened a photo studio in Chicago, doing fashion and editorial photography. We produced some good, creative work for some interesting clients but ultimately we ended our endeavor so we could each pursue our own paths. Shortly after, George and I teamed up to start Siede Preis Photography, and a life together.

Thank you for spending time looking at some of the work George and I have produced together.


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