The woman who dared ask the $600 trillion question

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The woman who dared ask the $600 trillion question

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Before we heard about "toxic assets" or credit default swaps…

Before the financial meltdown…

One woman, a little-known lawyer at an obscure government agency, warned of a giant black box at the center of the financial world -- a box filled with some $600 trillion worth of complex derivatives -- that threatened the entire U.S. economy.

Tonight on FRONTLINE, a rebroadcast of The Warning, the story of how Brooksley Born attempted to shine a light on the massive derivatives market in the decade before the financial collapse -- and became the enemy of Washington's most powerful players as a result.

"She used to say she would lay awake at night, turning in her bed, because of what she could see coming down the road," a former colleague told FRONTLINE.  "The crises kept building and building."

We hope you'll watch.

Ken Dornstein
Senior Editor

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